Defense for Federal Crime Charges in Richmond

Looking for a lawyer for a federal crimes case in Richmond? Should you find yourself charged with a federal crime, it is important to know that these crimes are tried in the federal court system. The federal court system does not have the same rules and regulations as the state courts. Therefore, it is very important that you seek legal counsel that can properly defend you in federal court and that is familiar with the difference in the rules and regulations. If you are seeking a Richmond criminal defense attorney, you need to make sure that the attorney is familiar with this court system and is knowledgeable in the area.

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Attorney Vaughan C. Jones is a highly experienced federal crime defense attorney. He is also a seasoned litigator and legal negotiator. Contact Attorney Jones immediately for a review of your case if you have been charged with any federal crime. These crimes include:

  • Treason
  • Espionage
  • Child pornography
  • Terrorism
  • Arms trafficking
  • Human trafficking
  • Kidnapping
  • Certain sex crimes
  • Certain white collar crimes
  • Certain types of fraud
  • Arson
  • Counterfeiting
  • Tax evasion
  • RICO violations

These are only some federal crimes, there are more. If you are charged with any of these that need to be defended in federal court, you must have a federal crime defense attorney with experience in this arena. Attorney Vaughan C. Jones will be very able to mount a criminal defense in federal court and is a seasoned and successful litigator. Attorney Jones has a complete understanding of the law and how to handle federal cases in court. Attorney Jones can provide you with an excellent defense in your case.

Top-Notch Negotiation Skills

As a skilled negotiator, he can properly deal with a federal prosecutor who will be motivated to win his case. Attorney Jones has succeeded in not only successfully defending these cases, but also having charges dismissed or reduced. In order to increase the chances of a good result in your case, contact Richmond criminal defense Attorney Vaughan C. Jones without delay. The attorney will want to discuss your case and the possibilities for your defense.

A message about federal crimes from Vaughan C. Jones:

The federal criminal system is very different than the state system. Important federal criminal practice concepts such as relevant conduct, Rule 35 sentence reduction, crack/powder disparity, and safety valve are crucial to a competent federal defense but do not exist in state practice. Federal practice rules are far more complex and rigid. Accordingly, attorneys with little or no experience in the federal system may be at significant disadvantage when attempting to handle complex federal cases.

Additionally, intimate knowledge of the federal sentencing guidelines is crucial to legal defense of federal criminal matters. Those guidelines affect every aspect of plea discussions and trial preparation. Finally Sentences in federal courts tend to be much higher.

Searching for a Lawyer for a Federal Crimes Case in Richmond?

I have handled numerous federal criminal matters in all of the state's federal courts including complex murder-for-hire, RICO (racketeering), and drug distribution cases. As a former Virginia Assistant Attorney General, I have experience representing the government in federal courts. My experience with federal judges and prosecutors in Alexandria, Richmond and Norfolk is a unique advantage for my clients. In a recent matter my client was one of four defendants to avoid conviction in a 27 defendant federal motorcycle gang prosecution.

Contact Vaughan C. Jones, our Richmond federal crime defense lawyer, when you are in need of an experienced federal crime defense attorney and litigator to protect you.

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