Richmond Probation Violation Attorney

Accused of violating your probation in Virginia?

When one is on probation, the smallest misstep can land you back in jail. If you have been accused of violating your probation, it is crucial that you contact a Richmond criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights. In some cases, the violation charges are an error, but this will have to be taken up in court. With the assistance of a skilled criminal defense lawyer from Vaughan C. Jones, Attorney at Law, the matter can be sorted out, and every effort will be made to fight the charge.

Probation Violation Defense Lawyer in Richmond

Searching for a lawyer for probation violations in Richmond? When one is convicted of a probation violation, it is common that they will be incarcerated and will then serve the time. In some cases, depending on the type of alleged violation, the original prison sentence will be extended even further. These violations charges can have very serious repercussions if not handled skillfully by an experienced Richmond criminal defense attorney.

Attorney Vaughan C. Jones has a background as a prosecutor and is well aware of both sides in probation violation cases. There have been errors by probation officers in which they failed to note that the individual called into the office, made their required appointment or other error. In some cases, an individual actually attended a mandated treatment program, even completed it, but the paperwork was improperly handled. Sadly, these and other situations can cause you a serious problem, and no matter what happened, most likely you will be immediately thrown in jail awaiting your hearing.

Looking for an attorney for probation violations in Richmond?

There are many types of circumstances that could result in a probation violation charge. Whatever the case is, the most important factor to know is that it is critical that you have a skilled defense lawyer assisting you with this charge. If you are worried that you will go back to jail/prison for a probation violation, it is crucial that you contact Vaughan C. Jones, Attorney at Law without delay.

Contact Vaughan C. Jones, a Richmond probation violation attorney, for a powerful criminal defense attorney to fight for you.

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