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Accused of indecent exposure in Richmond?

Have you been accused of or arrested for indecent exposure? This sex crime is generally considered one of the lesser sexual offenses that a person may be accused of committing, but it may still have serious consequences for a defendant in Richmond. Indecent exposure is defined as intentionally making an obscene display of oneself or one’s private parts in public. Breastfeeding in public is not deemed indecent exposure. Under Virginia law, a defendant may face Class 1 misdemeanor charges for this offense, punishable by up to 12 months in jail.

Working with a Richmond criminal defense lawyer is one of the most important steps you can take if you or a loved one has been accused of indecent exposure or any type of sex crime. Your future, freedom and reputation may be on the line, and acting quickly to secure legal counsel may make a big difference in law enforcement’s ability to gather evidence against you and the prosecution’s ability to secure a conviction.

Challenging Indecent Exposure Charges in Richmond, VA

To prove indecent exposure, the prosecuting attorney must prove that the defendant acted intentionally to expose him or herself. Accidentally exposing oneself should therefore not be considered indecent exposure, and your lawyer may be able to use this to your advantage when challenging your charges. Another factor to consider when building a defense against indecent exposure allegations in the Richmond area is the fact that circumstantial evidence or witness testimony may be the only tools the government will have to use against you in an attempt to secure a conviction. A competent attorney may be able to show the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case to ensure guilt cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, thus enabling you to avoid a conviction altogether.

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