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Have You Been Accused of Prostitution?

In the state of Virginia, any person that willfully and knowingly takes place in a sexual act for monetary gain is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor as a prostitute. It is considered a crime whether you are the one who is offering the sexual act or if you are the one who is paying - both sides of the crime will be pursued and prosecuted as harshly as possible. As sex crimes are viewed with a particularly negative social stigma, if you have been accused (even if you are indeed innocent) you will be facing the shame and embarrassment of having to deal with the harsh eyes of the public.

To ensure that you are given all of the support and guidance that you require, do not hesitate to secure the legal assistance of a skilled Richmond criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. Many times, people can be accused of this crime by simply being in the wrong place. Other times, as criminals are mostly caught in this crime by a "sting operation," you could have been subjected to faulty police work or had your rights violated. Either way, no matter the circumstances that you are facing, you should not hesitate to defend your rights by securing the legal assistance of an aggressive criminal defense attorney you can trust.

Defense Against Prostitution Charges in Richmond

If you are seeking for tenacious legal defense against charges of prostitution, you need not look any further than Attorney Vaughan C. Jones. With years of experience and a dedication to client success unsurpassed by none, if you choose to secure his assistance in combating your charges, you can breathe easier knowing that you have a heavyweight on your side to protect your future.

To receive the high-quality legal representation that you deserve, do not hesitate to contact a Richmond prostitution attorney today.

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