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Common Traffic Offenses in Richmond, VA

Need a lawyer for a traffic case in Richmond? Many individuals may believe that traffic tickets for speeding and other moving violations are not necessarily a serious matter. However, there are certain types of citations that can cause you to lose your license. If you have incurred a number of citations, points against your driving record will accrue, which can lead to suspension of your license. This will not only increase your insurance rates, but the monetary fines can be extreme. In addition, loss of your license can affect your ability to be able to drive and continue to make a living. If you have received one too many tickets, or find yourself with a serious citation against you, it would behoove you to contact a Richmond criminal defense lawyer.

Skilled Richmond Traffic Offense Attorney

It is not common knowledge to most people that traffic citations can be disputed in court. Should you choose to do so, it definitely increases your chances of the dismissal of the citation and not having to pay the fines. When you have a series of citations or a particularly serious ticket such as reckless driving, DUI or high-speed speeding tickets, you will find it is in your best interests to contact Attorney Vaughan C. Jones to take your case to court for you. This will greatly increase your chances of a better outcome on the case. Not contacting Attorney Jones to defend you could seriously impact your driving record.

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Without taking the time to do something about your tickets, you will basically be admitting to guilt in the infraction, and sustaining the fines and penalties. It is therefore imperative that you take the other option: fight the infraction with the help of an experienced traffic offenses defense attorney. This will increase the chances that the charge will be reduced or dismissed. Overall, making the decision to fight the citations can save you a lot of money in the end, as it will prevent your insurance payments from going up in addition to eliminating the fines. You have a right to a criminal defense lawyer in such a case, so contact Attorney Vaughan C. Jones to discuss your situation. Attorney Jones will review what solutions are available to you.

Contact Attorney Vaughan C. Jones if you would like to fight your traffic offense in court with an experienced lawyer who has a successful record.

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