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Charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute in Richmond?

Drug distribution charges are very serious. If convicted, there are very serious penalties, including possible jail or prison time. Each case has specifics, such as type of drug, amount in possession and other evidence that law enforcement has collected against you. You may have been arrested in a "sting" operation looking for drug traffickers. Whatever the case is, it is crucial that you get immediate assistance from a Richmond criminal defense attorney. In such cases, a skilled criminal defense lawyer is necessary if you hope to have a better outcome on these very serious drug crime charges.

Drug Crime Defense Lawyer in Richmond, VA

Need a lawyer for drug distribution in Richmond? When choosing a criminal defense attorney, the decision you make is critical. Your choice of defenders may determine your future. The legal team at Vaughan C. Jones, Attorney at Law has a successful track record in the defense of such cases, and is prepared to fight aggressively on your behalf. This outstanding criminal defense law firm can defend you from the moment of your arrest through to the trial. When cases go to trial, it is vital to ensure that your defense lawyer is a skilled trial lawyer, as how your case is presented is extremely important in criminal cases. When an attorney is weak in the area of trial law, you may find that the outcome is a disaster.

Attorney Vaughan C. Jones was formerly the Assistant Attorney General in the state of Virginia, and is a dedicated and exceptionally talented attorney. With Attorney Jones fighting for you, the chances of a better result can be increased. Formerly a prosecuting attorney in the state, Attorney Jones has a high level of understanding of both sides of criminal cases, and this experience makes him exceptionally qualified in negotiating with the prosecuting attorney on your case.

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