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Common Defenses

To be found guilty a defendant must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The defendant has an opportunity to present a defense. Most of the time criminal defendant's say "I didn't ...
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Don't Carelessly Plead to First Offense Marijuana Charge

In Virginia, every first drug offense is eligible for a dismissal upon completion of probation. This type of dismissal happens hundreds of time every week in every court in the Richmond area. Some ...
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New Crack Cocaine Sentencing Guildelines

Recently legislation has been enacted that reduces the unfair federal punishment differences between crack and powder cocaine offenses. In the mid 1980's Congress enacted reactionary laws to address ...
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Traffic Stops

A large percentage of criminal investigations arise out of police traffic stops. Many times, the police pull over a vehicle and subsequently begin an intense search of the car and its occupants. Some ...
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