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Do You Know the Norfolk Four?

The Norfolk Four are four men, convicted for the 1997 horrific rape and murder of a woman in Norfolk, Virginia. All four were US Navy sailors. None of them had criminal histories. No scientific ...
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Sons of Anarchy: Fact and Fiction From an Attorneys Perspective

SONS OF ANARCHY: FACT vs FICTION Sons of Anarchy ("SOA") is a great television show. Gritty and violent at times, humorous and gut wrenching at others. Although I discovered it well after ...
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Common Defenses

To be found guilty a defendant must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The defendant has an opportunity to present a defense. Most of the time criminal defendant's say "I didn't ...
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Violent Crime

Virginia’s violent crime rate has decreased dramatically in recent years. The 2009 rate is the 7th lowest in the nation. Nearby States North Carolina and Maryland have rates that double the rate in ...
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