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What to Do After a DUI Arrest

Have you been accused and arrested for drunk driving in Virginia? Being arrested is a humiliating, scary and unpredictable experience and being at the mercy of the judicial system is not a place you ever want to be. Unfortunately, this is only the beginning and the case must be resolved before you can return home to the comfort of your own home. One important thing to remember is that you even though you have been arrested, that does not make you guilty. The law states that you are innocent until proven guilty. However, there are times when drivers are wrongfully accused of drunk driving and they are punished for something they didn't do. If you are facing DUI charges, then time is of the essence. Speak with an experienced Richmond criminal defense attorney from the firm today to represent you in your DUI case.

Remember that from the moment you are arrested the clock starts ticking. You only have a certain number of days before your license is automatically suspended. This means that you should hire an attorney as soon as possible to begin building your defense. Typically, after a DUI arrest you only have about two months before your set court date and you need all the time you can get to prepare. In order to avoid a drunk driving conviction, it is vital that you are familiar with the DUI process and that you understand your rights under the law.

The Virginia DUI process is as follows:

When the police conduct the standard field sobriety tests, or a chemical blood or breath test to determine your sobriety, they will put you under arrest if you are found to be over the legal limit. At that time they will read you your Miranda rights which inform you of your right to remain silent and your right to an attorney. It is very important that you exercise these civil rights because anything that you say while in custody can be held against you as evidence in court. Law enforcement will then place you in the back of the police vehicle and take you down to the police station. They will end up towing your vehicle, unless there was a sober licensed driver in the vehicle that can drive home. While in police custody, you will be under constant observation and your statements may be recorded. This is why you should avoid talking about your case and you definitely should evade admitting guilt.

A drunk driving charge could turn your world upside down very quickly. If you are convicted you could lose your license, face incarceration and pay hefty fines. The courts do not look the other way when it comes to drunk driving offenders, which is why you must protect yourself from the tough prosecution. A qualified DUI attorney can investigate your charges, collect evidence, pin point errors or violations of your rights, question witnesses, and challenge the validity of the sobriety test results. It is also wise to obtain a copy of the original police report to keep for your own records. That document could shed light on the incident and help dismantle the prosecutor's case. During your DUI case, be sure to remain polite with the police officers. Even though they may be wrong in their reasoning, being rude and argumentative towards them can only diminish your chances of an acquittal or dismissal.

If you have been charged with DUI in Virginia, then take swift legal action and fight for your license! Contact a Richmond DUI lawyer from the firm today for help with your criminal case.