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Richmond Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense Attorney in Richmond, VA

Need a lawyer for a criminal case in Richmond? Facing criminal charges can be stressful and frightening. Many types of charges, when a conviction is made, can bring stiff fines, lasting penalties such as the loss of one's license, community service, counseling and even jail time. If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in the Richmond area it is crucial that you contact a Richmond criminal defense lawyer to fight for your defense. Vaughan C. Jones has lived his entire adult life in the Richmond area and is very familiar with the court systems in the city and all surrounding counties.

The prosecution against you will be fighting for the maximum possible punishment for a conviction. Without effective legal help, you could be facing multiple years in prison as well as heavy fines and additional punishments if you are convicted of committing a crime. Vaughan C. Jones can help challenge the prosecution's case against you with hard-hitting legal tactics and utilizing the years of legal experience that his legal team possesses.

Why Vaughan Jones Should Be Your First Call

  • Attorney Jones has a long list of notable case victories against some of the most serious criminal charges
  • Vaughan Jones worked as a former criminal prosecutor for four years so he knows how the prosecution thinks and operates
  • As a lead prosecutor, Attorney Vaughan Jones never lost a jury trial
  • Mr. Jones has represented hundreds of clients throughout Virginia
  • Vaughan is an avid advocate for client's rights and he will ensure that you get the fighting chance you deserve
  • Vaughan Jones provides hard-hitting defense against both misdemeanor and felony crimes
  • With his extensive legal background, Jones has built strong working relationships with judges and prosecutors in and around Richmond, VA
  • Mr. Jones offers a free initial case evaluation to all prospective clients
  • He understands that time is of the essence which is why someone is standing by to answer your call 24/7

He Knows How to Pull Through in a Pinch

Attorney Vaughan Jones provides aggressive and dependable legal defense when you need it most. If you would like to hear more success stories like these, check out the case results page to see for yourself!

Defense Attorney With Former Prosecution Experience

Vaughan C. Jones prides himself on tackling the most difficult cases. If you're case involves stiff penalties and charges, you'll want Attorney Jones on your side. He's prepared to fight aggressively to defend you on criminal charges of all types, such as drug crimes (including drug possession, distribution and possession with intent) and even more violent crimes, such as assault and battery, weapons charges, domestic violence, murder/manslaughter and even cases involving DUI (even if it's your second or third charge). Vaughan C. Jones has a reputation for providing his clients with hard-hitting legal defense against even the most harrowing of charges and has proven that he is a true advocate for the rights of the accused.

He has been defending clients throughout the Richmond area for years and, as a former prosecutor, he recognizes the tricks of the defense trade. When your future is on the line, you simply cannot be satisfied with subpar legal assistance. He therefore does not satisfy himself with doing the minimum. Instead, he goes the distance in his efforts to help his clients build a case and combat the criminal charges they are facing so that they can defend themselves against the possibility of conviction.

Looking for an attorney for a criminal case in Richmond?

No matter the exact charges that you are facing, regardless of whether they involve a theft offense (such as shoplifting, grand theft and burglary), a probation violation, sex crime, traffic offense or a white collar crime, you can be confident knowing that you will have an experienced advocate on your side that is deeply aware of criminal law and fully prepared to help you obtain the just outcome that you are seeking. He recognizes what is on the line and knows how difficult it can be to overcome the odds when so much at stake.

Vaughan C. Jones has proven time and time again that he can be counted to help his clients build a case and defend their freedom. From defending against charges of federal crimes to helping their clients with issues pertaining to appeals, his clientele can trust that he will go the distance in his efforts to help them defend their best interests. Vaughan C. Jones has proven his mettle and should you choose him to defend you, you will be able to trust knowing that he will stop at nothing in his efforts to uphold your legal rights.

Charged with a crime in Richmond?

Most people are not fully prepared for what will happen in the wake of a criminal accusation and are left feeling isolated, frightened and overwhelmed by the legalities that they are now facing. If you are caught in the wake of something of this nature, your entire future will be at stake; it is simply not the time to be content with the clumsy mistakes made by inexperienced attorneys. You need to be confident that you are working with a Richmond criminal defense lawyer that has the skills and resources necessary to help you not only combat these charges, but combat them effectively.

In many criminal cases, time is of the essence. The state of Virginia has very severe penalties for criminal offenses. From jail time, to fees, to things such as driver's license suspension, the penalties following criminal conviction have the ability to affect the rest of your life. Law enforcement and the prosecuting attorney are dedicated to getting a conviction in your criminal case. It is critical to have a skilled criminal defense lawyer fighting for your side.

With a careful review and evaluation of the details of your case, Vaughan C. Jones will determine how best to move forward to defend you in court. In many cases, with the assistance of Vaughan C. Jones, the charges are reduced or dismissed. When there is existing evidence that has brought you to the point of being arrested and charged, it is vital that this evidence and the case against you are fully evaluated. Every case has flaws and Vaughan C. Jones will look for any errors in the arrest, the gathering of evidence, and all aspects of your case when fighting to defend you.

Consult with a Richmond criminal defense lawyer today!

Criminal charges are a serious matter. If convicted, not only will you be facing severe penalties, your permanent criminal record will reflect the conviction which can create serious problems for you in the future, when seeking employment or even a place to live. It is absolutely vital that you have legal representation to protect your rights when charged with a criminal offense in Richmond, and they are prepared to aggressively fight on your behalf.

Vaughan C. Jones is aggressively dedicated to providing legal guidance that is designed to assist his clients' cases in achieving the best outcome possible. By working with him you can improve your chances of achieving a successful conclusion and avoiding a criminal conviction that can harm or ruin your life or career. He will investigate the charges against you and do everything possible to give you your best chance at obtaining reduced or dismissed charges so that you can see little to no legal punishment from the court.

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