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At Vaughan C. Jones, Attorney at Law, we understand that facing criminal charges can be stressful and frightening. The prosecution against you will be fighting for the maximum punishment possible in a conviction. Without effective legal help, you could be facing multiple years in prison as well as heavy fines and additional punishments if you are convicted.

You need to be confident that you are working with a defense lawyer that has the skills and resources necessary to help you combat these charges. Attorney Jones can help challenge the prosecution's case against you with hard-hitting legal tactics and utilizing the years of legal experience that his legal team possesses.

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in the Richmond area, it is crucial that you hire a local criminal defense lawyer to fight for you. Vaughan C. Jones has lived his entire adult life in the Richmond area and is very familiar with the court systems in the city and all surrounding counties.

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Defense Attorney with Former Prosecution Experience

Vaughan C. Jones prides himself on tackling the most difficult cases. If your case involves severe charges, you'll want him on your side. He's prepared to fight aggressively to defend you on criminal charges of all types, such as drug crimes (including possession and trafficking) and violent crimes, such as:

Attorney Vaughan C. Jones has been defending clients for years and, as a former prosecutor, he recognizes the tricks of the defense trade. He is not satisfied with doing the minimum; instead, he goes the distance to help his clients build a case and combat their charges.

  • He has a long list of notable case victories.
  • As a lead prosecutor, he never lost a jury trial.
  • He has represented hundreds of clients throughout Virginia.
  • He has built strong working relationships with judges and prosecutors.
  • He offers a free initial case evaluation to all prospective clients.
  • He worked as a former criminal prosecutor for four years.

Looking for an Attorney for a Criminal Case in Virginia?

No matter the exact charges you are facing, whether they involve a sex crime, theft offense, traffic offense, white collar crime, or any other crime, you can be confident knowing that you will have an experienced advocate on your side that is deeply aware of criminal law and fully prepared to help you obtain the just outcome that you are seeking. He recognizes what is on the line and knows how difficult it can be to overcome the odds when so much at stake.

Vaughan C. Jones has proven time and time again that he can be counted to help his clients build a case and defend their freedom. From defending against charges of federal crimes to helping their clients with issues pertaining to appeals, his clientele can trust that he will go the distance in his efforts to help them defend their best interests. Should you choose him to defend you, you can trust that he will stop at nothing in his efforts to uphold your legal rights.

Have You Been Charged with a Crime in Virginia?

Criminal charges are a serious matter. If convicted, not only will you be facing severe penalties, but your permanent criminal record will reflect the conviction. This can create serious problems for your future, such as when seeking employment or even a place to live.

It is absolutely vital that you have legal representation to protect your rights when charged with a criminal offense in Richmond. Vaughan C. Jones is dedicated to providing aggressive legal guidance aimed at achieving the best outcome possible. By working with him you can improve your chances of avoiding a criminal conviction that can harm or ruin your life or career.

He will investigate the charges against you and do everything possible to give you your best chance at obtaining reduced or dismissed charges so that you can see little to no legal punishment from the court.

  • 2020: DRUG CASE DISMISSED Drug Crimes
  • 2019: RAPE JURY NOT GUILTY Sex Crimes

Our Past Clients Tell
Their Stories

  • I will never forget you.

    “Mr. Jones, I just wanted you to know that because of you, my granddaughter was able to graduate today from Morgan State University instead of going to prison for a year. Thank you so much for clearing her of all those charges in Virginia Beach - you were God sent. I didn’t know what to do so I started praying and then started googling Lawyers and by the grace of God, I found you. I will never forget you. She starts Graduate School this fall for Psychology in Washington DC, she will be the first Doctor in our family, so thank you, thank you, thank you!”

    Constance G.


    “Mr. Jones did an EXCELLENT job of representing me and obtaining the best outcome to my court case. I would definitely recommend his diligent and dedicated services to anyone needing legal help!!!”


  • The BEST Criminal Defense Attorney in Richmond.

    “Vaughan C. Jones has done an outstanding job representing my son in a very difficult situation. Mr. Jones has extensive knowledge regarding the juvenile justice system. I have had absolutely no difficulty reaching him. He is prompt and thorough at every angle. He is also honest when emotions are high and doesn't promise things he knows he cannot deliver. His office staff was professional and courtesy. As a person who has been involved in the court system personally for more than 20 years, I stand by him unreservedly. If you seek knowledge, truth, and professionalism you need to look no further than Vaughan C. Jones.”


  • Vaughn Jones, best lawyer in VA.

    “I have hired Mr. Jones to represent me on various occasions. He has done a marvelous job on every occasion. I consider him to be a top lawyer in Virginia and the best lawyer in Richmond. I strongly recommend using Vaughn Jones to represent anyone with legal trouble.”

    Previous Client

  • Vaughan was worth every cent and in reality an actual bargain for his skills and acumen.

    “Vaughan was worth every cent and in reality an actual bargain for his skills and acumen. I selected him to defend my brother in law on a trumped up felony ($36K) insurance fraud case that the insurance firm clearly didn't want to waste their own money pursuing in civil court so passed it to a local prosecutor to spend our tax dollars on. Throughout the process, Vaughan was supportive and thought about various legal angles quickly on his feet. He believed my brother in law's innocence and that made him an even better advocate for us as he rejected the ridiculous plea bargains that were presented when he could have advised us to accept them and be done with the case. As some others have pointed out in their reviews, Vaughan is not always the most communicative and can be hard to get a hold of. However, I didn't reduce any stars because I wanted to make a crucial point in his defense here - he's a busy man and you get what you pay for. In order to provide his clients with those great competitive rates to defend their cases, he's got to take on more clients to be profitable. More clients means less time for the feel good hand holding and red carpet treatment one might like and expect from their lawyer in a time of crisis. Vaughan is more than happy to discuss your case with you, you just need to be proactive and willing to be persistent with phone calls and email reminders to bring yourself to the top of his hand holding priority list (i.e. he's triaging clients - is there something you need to know about your case like a plea bargain has been made? he's going to call you proactively. it's three month's till your court date and you just want to know what's the status on things? you need to call him). In the end, the very reasons I hired him: former prosecutor experience for the best price were validated hundred fold. He won the case and it was not by any means an easy or clear cut victory. It came down to legal briefs and a key legal argument. So, shop around all you like for a lawyer, but make sure you get a consultation with Vaughan because you may overpay or get someone less skilled otherwise! Thank you, Vaughan, for your hard work and your time willing to defend my brother in law! I can't sing your praises enough.”


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