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Frequently Asked Questions

I was arrested and charged with a crime I didn't commit. What should I do?

Even though one is "innocent until proven guilty" this does not mean that innocent individuals don't get convicted of crimes they did not commit. It is crucial to your future that you immediately get legal representation from a Richmond criminal defense attorney to fight for your defense.

Why do I need an attorney?

When dealing with the court system, you need legal representation that is determined to protect your rights and fight for your defense. When you get the assistance of an attorney from the office of Vaughan C. Jones, you know that your best interests will be the top priority every step of the way.

What do criminal defense lawyers do?

Criminal defense lawyers play a pivotal role in the criminal justice system by safeguarding the rights and interests of individuals accused of committing a crime. Their primary duty is to provide legal representation to their clients, ensuring that they receive a fair and just trial. 

  • Legal Advocacy: One of the fundamental duties of a criminal defense lawyer is to act as a staunch advocate for their client's interests. They assess the case, gather evidence, and develop strategies to present a strong defense.
  • Protecting Constitutional Rights: Criminal defense lawyers ensure that their clients' constitutional rights are upheld throughout the legal process. This includes the right to remain silent, the right to legal counsel, and protection against self-incrimination.
  • Negotiating Plea Bargains: In many cases, criminal defense lawyers negotiate with the prosecution to reach a plea bargain. This can result in reduced charges or penalties in exchange for a guilty plea, avoiding a potentially harsher sentence at trial.
  • Investigating the Case: Criminal defense lawyers conduct thorough investigations to uncover facts that can support their client's innocence or cast doubt on the prosecution's case. This may involve interviewing witnesses, reviewing evidence, and hiring expert witnesses.
  • Providing Guidance: Clients often experience significant stress and anxiety when facing criminal charges. Defense lawyers offer emotional support and provide guidance throughout the legal process, helping clients make informed decisions about their case.
  • Representing in Court: Criminal defense lawyers are responsible for representing their clients in court during pre-trial hearings, trials, and appeals. They present arguments, cross-examine witnesses, and challenge the prosecution's case.
  • Building a Strong Defense: Crafting a strong defense involves not only challenging the evidence but also presenting alternative theories of the case. Criminal defense lawyers may employ various defense strategies, such as alibi, self-defense, or mistaken identity.

I am being investigated for a crime. What should I do?

When one is under investigation for a crime, it is crucial that you immediately get legal representation. Do not answer questions from law enforcement or investigators without first contacting the office of Vaughan C. Jones. It is true that what you tell investigators can be used against you in court.

I was arrested for DUI. Should I just plead guilty?

In any DUI case, it is crucial that you have legal representation. In many cases, errors in the testing equipment are found and you may not have been above the legal limit. Protect yourself with a DUI defense attorney.

Can a police officer search me, my car and my home whenever and wherever he wants?

A police officer search can always search you if (1) you give permission or (2) he has a warrant based on probable cause. Specific rules apply to Body Searches, Car searches, and searches of your home.

Evidence was illegally taken from my home without a search warrant. Isn't this illegal? Will the case against me be dismissed?

If evidence was obtained in violation of your constitutional rights, in most instances the law requires the Court to disregard that evidence. Your lawyer will need to file a motion to suppress to make sure that the prosecutor does not use such evidence. Vaughan C. Jones has successfully argued hundreds of such motions.

What happens if the police didn't read my rights to me?

Police are required to inform you of your rights before the police begin any custodial interrogation. If they elicit an incriminating statement without reading those rights to you, the statements should be suppresses. In 2005, Vaughan Jones convinced a court to exclude several statements made during an investigation of a robbery. Without the alleged “confession”, the case resulted in a mistrial.

After my arrest, I was told that I must appear at an arraignment and a preliminary hearing. Are these the same thing?

No, they are not the same. At the arraignment, the judge who will simply tell him officially, of the charges, set a bail, and ask if you want to hire a lawyer of your choosing. At a preliminary hearing, the District Court will conduct a condensed version of the trial in your case. The Commonwealth’s Attorney must establish that there is probable cause to proceed with the charges. The preliminary hearing is your lawyer's first significant chance to view the government's evidence against you.

What can Attorney Vaughan C. Jones help me with?

Richmond criminal defense attorney Vaughan C. Jones can assist you with any of the following types of crimes charges including:

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