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Charged with robbery in Richmond?

If you have been arrested for accused of robbery in Virginia, then you must not underestimate the gravity of the situation. According to Virginia criminal law, robbery is the crime of stealing someone else's property with the use of force or threat of force. Virginia has stiff penalties for robbery and other theft charges depending on the specifics on your crime. This particular crime is considered to be a felony offense in this state and a violent felony conviction could have a devastating impact on your future. At Vaughan C. Jones, Attorney at Law, you can find aggressive and effective defense to protect your rights against the prosecution. Speak with Richmond criminal defense lawyer Vaughan C. Jones about your case without delay.

First Degree vs. Second Degree Robbery

Second degree robbery is the lesser charge in comparison with first degree robbery. If you instill fear of bodily injury into the victim with the use of electronic shock, a paralytic drug or any other tool that temporary disables them, then you could face second degree robbery charges. First degree robbery charges come about when you threaten to use deadly force while possessing a weapon or if you are violent towards the victim.

Penalties for Robbery in Virginia

In Virginia law, robbery is broken up into two separate categories when it comes to prosecution. Whether you are charged with first or second degree robbery will affect the possible penalties that you could be facing.

First Degree Robbery- This crime is punishable for 10 years to life in prison. However, there could be chance that your robbery defense lawyer can work out a plea agreement to have your charges reduced to second degree robbery.

Second Degree Robbery- If you are charged with crime, you could face a 5-18 year prison sentence.

With every robbery case there is a mandatory minimum prison sentence. If you are facing your first robbery charge, then the minimum sentence is three years in prison. For any second or third robbery conviction, you are looking at a minimum five year prison sentence.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Richmond, VA

Searching for a lawyer for robbery in Richmond? Being arrested and dragged into the criminal justice system is a terrifying experience and it can leave you feeling helpless. With a former prosecutor on your side, you could have the upper hand in court and have a better chance of obtaining a favorable outcome. Vaughan C. Jones is a premier criminal defense lawyer with former prosecution experience. He has unique insight into the other side of the legal system and his background and experience could be of great benefit to you. If you need a lawyer for a robbery case in Richmond, contact Vaughan C. Jones, Attorney at Law for a free case evaluation!

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