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First Time Offenders In Virginia

Most people think that the first time they get in trouble, the justice system will give them a break since they don't have a prior record. Sadly, the request for leniency has different results ...
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Passing DUI Checkpoints and The Recent Viral Video

GET THROUGH SOBRIETY CHECKPOINTS: Sobriety checkpoints are one of the most misunderstood police tools in common use. A viral video posted this week shows a Florida man testing out a clever approach ...
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What to Do After a DUI Arrest

Have you been accused and arrested for drunk driving in Virginia? Being arrested is a humiliating, scary and unpredictable experience and being at the mercy of the judicial system is not a place you ...
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New Virginia DUI laws

The Virginia General assembly recently passed a bill requiring all people convicted of first time DUI offenses to acquire an ignition interlock device in their automobiles. Early estimates indicate ...
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