What to do if you're falsely accused

19th century English lawyer Sir William Borrow introduced the phrase "innocent until proven guilty", The problem with this phrase is that it implies that although criminal defendant starts a trial presumed innocent he will inevitably be proven guilty. Although the American criminal justice system works in most cases, the system is comprised of people and people make mistakes The best way to avoid such an unjust result and ensure the proper outcome when faced with criminal accusations is to immediately seek counsel from the best criminal defense attorneys available.

Being falsely accused of a crime does not change the way the prosecution handles your case. The prosecution does not presume you are innocent. If your have been charged with an offense and have a scheduled court date, the prosecutor believes you are guilty and will proceed against you with the full force and power of the state. A defendant should never believe that because he or she is innocent and has nothing to hide, there is no need for the best legal representation.

I have heard people say that they are not guilty of a charged offense and thus don't need a "good" lawyer. This position is ridiculous. Any novice attorney can accept a guilty plea. There is a greater need for legal advocacy in the case of an individual who did not do what he or she is charged with doing.

A person falsely accused of committing a crime faces greater challenges than a guilty criminal defendant. A guilty defendant can assist his lawyer by accurately describing the circumstances that lead to his charge. An innocent client often knows nothing of the accused crime. A falsely accused person may wish to explain his story to the police. This is often the worst thing he can do. Police often don't record conversations with accused persons. When an officer repeats your statements in court he may only remember the portions that support his theory of the case.

There are many frequent scenarios where the police charge the wrong or an innocent person: occupants of a car where drugs are found; alleged date-rape cases; unsolved murders; robberies with a cross-cultural misidentification; conspiracy charges; burglary. Some of these instances involve people in the wrong place at the wrong time, sometimes police identify the wrong suspect.

If you face the prospect of trial for a crime you did not convict, you have the greatest need for an experienced Richmond criminal defense attorney of your choice. Please contact me if you need assistance.

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