The Value of Discretion and Confidentiality

A person faces criminal charges very often endures the most humiliating moments of their lives. Arrest records are public information. Many jurisdictions have "jail tag" or "gotcha" print publications that announced arrest records and post photographs of those charged with offenses.

These publications are absolutely legal. As public records the publishers of these documents have a First Amendment right to reproduce this information without committing slander or libel. The same publishers do not announce acquittals with equal vigor.

On other occasions television news or radio will announce the names and show pictures of those charged with high profile offenses. The nature of my practice has led me to many representations of so-called high profile defendants or crimes. In these instances I do not ever seek out media attention. On occasions when I have given interviews I am always conscious of the positive effects that my statements can have on public perception of my client's reputation.

And more discrete scenarios many of my clients are very embarrassed and humiliated to have received criminal charges. In these situations I make every effort and strategize ways to keep my client's public exposure to a minimal level.

Unless I am given express authority, I do not verbally discuss my client's identity and attorney / client conversation with my family, friends, the media or even the family members of the client. In addition to my oath as an attorney I recognize that my clients do not want their most intimate secrets divulged as anecdotes.

Many people do not want their friends and employers to know that they have engaged the services of a criminal defense attorney. Most of my clients want their cases resolved as quietly and quickly as possible. Even if the allegations are false, a rest for certain types of charges (e.g. larceny, drug possession, prostitution, sex offenses, DUI, domestic violence,) can you irreparably damage a lifetimes worth of good will and standing in the community.

In light of the above I have often successfully kept embarrassing convictions from permanently following my clients. I recognize the value of this discretion. I will always vigorously fight to protect not only my client's rights but also their reputations.

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