Juvenile Court and Domestic Relations Courts

If you have been charged with assault on a family member or a domestic violence offense in Fairfax County you will definitely need legal assistance. These charges are almost exclusively heard in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. These courts are different than the other criminal trial courts. Persons charged with offenses that are heard in these courts are well served to have an attorney with experience handling these matters.

Near the beginning of my legal career I was a domestic violence prosecutor. In that capacity I appeared in domestic courts on a daily basis. As a result I now have extensive experience in these cases.

In my experience juvenile and domestic relations Judges have different demeanors, mores and courtroom cultures than their general district court counter parts. Juvenile and domestic relations prosecutors also work at a different pace. Sentences that might be light in General District Court can often have a higher punishment in juvenile court. Bond amounts are also vastly different in juvenile court.

I am able to use my 17 years of experience to the benefit of my clients. If you wish to have a competent attorney represent you in your criminal charge please consider me as an option. I know the court rooms I know the judges and I know the law.

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