The Dallas Cowboys Arrest Hall of Fame

DALLAS COWBOY ARREST HALL OF FAME: It's that time of year again. The NFL season is starting and fans are fighting over whose team is the best. Some things are beyond debate. Pittsburgh has the most rings. Chicago has the most hall of famers. Dallas has the most criminal ex-players. Here is a list of Cowboys that have involved themselves with the criminal justice system:

5. Rafael Septien 1987- The former Cowboys kicker was indicted on a charge of "indecency with a child." He was accused of having sex with a 10-year-old girl. A Dallas prosecutor gave him a plea agreement where Septien got probation and a fine!!! After the case, he moved to Mexico and became an actor. Nice.

4. Harvey Martin 1996 - After "smoking crack" for several hours, Martin was arrested for domestic violence. This was Martin's third arrest in five months. All involved beating women. He took a plea deal on domestic violence and cocaine charges and was sentenced to eight months of rehab.

3. Nate Newton, 2001 - The famously fat 6 time pro bowler was arrested with 213 pounds of marijuana in his car. Amazingly he was caught FIVE WEEKS later transporting 175 MORE pounds of weed. After 2 1/2 years of prison, Newton lost 175 lbs. and pledges to have gone straight.

2. Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson - 1983 "Hollywood" Henderson was arrested for smoking crack with two under-aged girls. The girls claimed he threatened them with a gun and sexually assaulted them. One of the girls was described as a "paraplegic." Henderson's defense was that he gave the girls crack in exchange for consensual sex. He pulled 28 months in jail. 28 was apparently his lucky number. In 2000 Henderson won the Texas State lottery - for $28 million dollars.

1. Michael Irvin 1996 - A few months after his third Super Bowl, police burst into Irvin's hotel room and found "the Playmaker" lying on the floor covered in cocaine with multiple strippers performing sexual acts on him. At trial, Irvin showed up to court a mink coat - in Texas - in July. He pled no contest and got 4 years suspension. The Cowboys haven't been back to the Super Bowl since.

According to a 2014 study, the Cowboys have the 6th lowest arrest total (5) for current players since 2000. DC fans - before you start joking - almost twice as many Redskins (9) were arrested during that time. The list here just shows that when Dallas does something it is done big and we don't forget.

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