Sex Crimes And Sexting

Earlier this week three Fairfax County high school students were found guilty of sending sexually graphic video cellphone messages. The boys filmed themselves having consensual sex with other teens. Although the boys were teens themselves they were charged with child pornography. The scary part of this outcome is that the boys could potentially be labeled as sex offenders for the rest of their lives. Computer laws in Virginia are antiquated compared to laws in other states. As a result, many are calling for laws that accurately gauge the behavior of teens. Now that those laws do not exist most of these charges star as child pornography cases. Lawyers often seek to reduce those charges to misdemeanor plea agreements that do not carry the stigma of sexual registry crimes. Often statements made to police after the beginning of an investigation are the only way to prove who has committed a crime. Therefore, if you or your child, find yourself charged with an offense involving illegal text messages immediately contact an attorney.
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