What qualifies anyone to be called the "best" attorney?

People occasionally ask me who is the best criminal attorney in Fairfax. My response is that like any subjective question, that determination is a matter of opinion. The most accurate way to determine the best criminal attorney is to refine the criteria. In searching for a good lawyer, one must consider experience, results, demeanor, and pedigree.

I attended a national law school, American University, that regularly ranks as one of America's best legal institutions. I am a former prosecutor with seventeen years of criminal trial experience. In my estimation, I have tried thousands of cases ranging in severity from simple traffic infractions to Capitol murder trials. Every case is different but in my years of experience, I have an established history of success in cases tried by judges and juries.

My perspective in representing clients is that I spend significant time considering the case as if I were the person accused. This allows me to give my clients a passionate representation. The combination of passion experience and skill allows me to give my clients extraordinary representation. As a result, I have often been told that my name is frequently mentioned when people ask the question.

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