Drug Offenses in Henrico County

In the Richmond area Henrico County has the highest incidence of drug related arrests. This is a function of many factors. One of the primary factors is the population.

It is important for an experienced criminal defense attorney to know the prosecutorial differences between the various counties in a given region. Specifically Henrico County prosecutors handled drug offenses differently than those in Chesterfield Richmond and Hanover counties. If you've been arrested for distribution offense in Henrico County, then you should consult with a Richmond criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. It is important to know the minimum range of punishment for the sentencing guidelines and it is important to know likely clean negotiations for prosecutors in this county.

I've represented defendants charged with drug offenses in Henrico County for more than seven years. The most frequent offense is our possession of cocaine, possession of heroin, possession of marijuana, and possession of ecstasy MDMA. In recent years I've also noticed a resurgence of crystal meth charges. Federal authorities are taking on fewer prosecutions for these charges. As a result there are more state level charges for all drug offenses in this area.

If you have been charged with drug distribution or possession please contact me so that we may discuss your options.

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