Virginia Texting While Driving Law Is Now in Effect

In the state of Virginia, there is now a stricter penalty for all drivers found texting while driving. This new texting law was implemented today, July 1, 2012, which allows law enforcement officials to pull over any driver that is texting or emailing while operating a motorized vehicle- if the vehicle is not moving, then the law does not apply. Before today, texting and driving were seen as a secondary offense which was only punishable in conjunction with another traffic offense. Now, texting while driving is considered to be a primary offense which carries stiffer penalties than before. For any first time offenders, you can expect a ticket around $125, and that increases to $250 for any subsequent offense.

There is one loophole in the new texting law which allows drivers to continue using their phone or car GPS feature. They have also stated that anyone in communications with emergency response personnel are exempt from this law. Along with the new texting law, there have also been changes to the DUI laws in regards to repeat drunk driving offenders. Anyone charged with a second DUI offense will now face a year in prison as well as a $1,000 fine. The state of Virginia sees the danger in distracted driving and drunk driving and has implemented these new laws to discourage drivers from committing these acts. Texting while driving and driving under the influence both increase your chances of getting into an accident and government officials would like to see a decrease in the number of traffic collisions per year.

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