Drug crimes and the punishments for convictions

Marijuana, heroin, ecstasy cocaine, crack, (cocaine base) and meth are very frequently abused drugs. Accordingly the criminal justice system is flooded with violations for both possession and distribution of these substances.

Richmond, Henrico and Chesterfield Courts devote the majority of their criminal dockets to prosecutions for these offenses. Virginia Code sections 18.2-248, 18.2-250, 18.2-250.1 and 18,2-251 detail punishments for the most common Virginia drug offenses.

In addition, the United States District Court in Richmond also pursues federal charges under 21 USC 846, and 21 USC 841 for violation of conspiracy to distribute drug charges. Undercover officers and confidential informants (colloquially referred to as "snitches") are often used to prosecute these charges. These cases are challenging to defend. Thus, a person charged with distribution will benefit from having a seasoned defense attorney represent him.

As most people are aware, the punishment for distribution is far greater than the punishment for simple possession. I have participated in thousands of drug distribution cases. There are many ways to emerge victorious from these charges. Illegal arrests, unconstitutional seizures or unconstitutional searches can result in dismissal.

If you are caught selling drugs in the Richmond area it is prudent to consider using an attorney with former prosecutorial experience. Additionally, you should promptly inform your lawyer of the circumstances surrounding your arrest. The constitutionality of the police encounter with you is likely a crucial issue in your defense.

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